We charge a fair, flat fee cost for assisting you in settling your judgment. We allow payment plans for our fees. The cost is based on the face value (amount shown on the judgment paperwork from the court) .

The above pricing does not include the filing fees or electronic filing fees to the court. Sometimes the judgment creditor will agree to pay these fees. Filing fees typically are $26.00 for the first page and $4.00 there after. Release of Judgments are typically 2-3 pages. Some courts require a separate electronic filing fee which is usually less than $20.00.

A judgment creditor usually will not issue the release of judgment for 15 – 30 days after receipt of funds.

Aggressive judgment creditors, may ask for a deposition, sanctions hearing, or a client to answer interrogatories in aid of judgment before negotiations begin. We may charge additional reasonable fees to assist you with any addition judgment creditor demands.

Texas Partial Release

Texas residents may not have to settle a judgment if they are selling or refinancing their homestead.

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Texas Bill of Review

You may be able to vacate your judgment if you meet certain criteria using a Bill fo Review process

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