What is Post-Judgment Discovery?

After a creditor is awarded with a Default Judgment against you, the creditor will then send out what is called Post-Judgment Discovery. Post-Judgment Discovery is essentially a series of questions that will help the creditor identify your non-exempt assets that they could potentially go after as they continue their collection effort. Failure to respond the Post-Judgment discovery can get you arrested.

What are Interrogatories?

Post-Judgment Interrogatories will typically ask questions about all of your assets and you will most likely be forced to provide financial documentation in order to complete the Interrogatories. Interrogatories must be answered within 30 days.

What is a Request for Admissions?

Admissions is part of the discovery process, you will be asked to admit or deny a series of questions in regards to the issue the creditor is suing for or it might ask questions about certain assets. 30 days is the usual time given to respond to this request. Failure to respond to the admissions will mean that they will automatically be admitted.

What is a Request for Production?

Request for Production is part of the discovery process. This will mean that the creditor will request to see certain documents in regards to your assets, bank accounts or other financial documentation. You will then have 30 days to produce the documents that the creditor is asking for in order to comply with the Discovery Request.

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